The whole world is going through a unique phase where all of us are compelled to be restrained in lockdown. In the business-as-usual scenario there can be stressful moments, worrying about our future, on what awaits us in subsequent days. Before getting oneself mired into depressive moods here are some tips, which are being self practiced to overcome these trying days

Believe in the supreme power and the inbuilt systems which control and run the universe. Be optimistic as everything happens only for good as per the saying ‘every black cloud has a silver lining’. Try to use the opportunities within the constraints set up by the situation. At least we can sit peacefully in our abode unlike other natural disasters.

Try to learn on ways to generate HAPPY CHEMICALS in our body( which anybody can get at the click of a mouse) some of which which are as follows.

  • Oxytocin
  • Endorphins
  • Dopamine
  • Serotonin

If your loved ones are around, you certainly have an opportunity to generate Oxytocin in our body by spending happy moments with them. But for the people who have locked-in alone?

Practice physical exercise like Yoga, Jogging and Walking/Pedaling indoor which can generate Endorphins in our body. Dopamine levels can be improved by practicing tranquility through meditation, listening to songs, practicing good food habits, etc

Try to do maximum help to others, in trouble, as all are invariable part and parcel of this nature and we alone cannot survive in this universe with the kind of conveniences we had so far. Shed your benevolence in the form of cash, kind, innovations or ideas. Change your lifestyle which harms our nature. Ensure optimum use of resources. Practice ways and means to conserve water, electricity, reduction of emissions. segregation of waste at source, reduction of plastic, etc. This is the time to disseminate knowledge, innovations, and tips on rightful environmental management. One can advise the people around you that humans alone cannot exist in this universe that too with so much inequality. Through these charitable and philanthropic activities one can get an abundant supply of Serotonin in our body. Engaging in creative activities, learning and skill development improve the neuroplasticity of our brain contributing to these chemicals along with new means of income generation. Try to utilise various online platforms, to learn new skills and languages.

All these four chemicals are inter-related and thus give a multiplying effect on the overall wellness of the human system. Once these chemicals are activated in our body, stress hormones will not have any place in the human system. We will soon be brainstorming on our corrective plans to identify a solution space with optimum conveniences around, wherein all the components in the biosphere will be respected and protected. New codes of conduct for day to day activities would be evolved.

Lockdown is a temporary solution only and one cannot remain in lockdown forever and nor can one eliminate the VIRUS in a short span. One thing is sure COVID does not lead to the extinction of mankind as the major share of the affected persons is getting cured. But everyone in this biosphere should establish your role to make this earth happier and sustainable by implementing RIGHTEOUSNESS irrespective of east or west, black, white or brown, men, women or transgender, young or old. Planet EARTH is regaining its ‘CARRYING CAPACITY’ by giving vacation to humans. One thing is sure, humanity is divided into two eras, Pre-COVID and Post-COVID, our way of living and conveniences enjoyed till COVID would only be in memory.

Centre for Environmental Efficiency is a Public Trust dedicated to propagate the ideas of ENVIRONMENTAL EFFICIENCY& CARRYING CAPACITY which are two strong indicators to quantify the sustainability of the planet from Global to Local and has been knocking doors to get due attention of the world.




Centre for Environmental Efficiency

Public trust dedicated to bring the environment and development hand in hand through environmental efficiency and carrying capacity theories. By Dr May Mathew