Cooling days for the planet,

Dolphins are seen in Venice Canals

Birdies started flying over Wuhan

Mankind breathing greener air

And great lessons too

Though there are hazy days

The planet is cooling down

To get back to brighter days

Never practice hoarding things

As all are needed to crack it down

Obey what the government says

Spend the moments in a tranquil mood.

And shall meditate on corrective plans

Folding hands to those who lost

Clapping hands to those on wheels

Shall fight. this virus hand in hand

Be sure not by shaking hands

To make this planet a better place

By only by corrective plans

An instant poem by Dr May,

Author Trustee

Centre for Environmental Efficiency



Centre for Environmental Efficiency

Public trust dedicated to bring the environment and development hand in hand through environmental efficiency and carrying capacity theories. By Dr May Mathew