Scribbling in the cooling days

After hectic days of the embargo

While sitting in the chair

Tried to take the theories ahead

And wrote the righteous lines in files

Prepared projects and reports

Gave awesome tips

Which are useful to the warming world.

For our beloved state and mankind

Standing outside the chain in vogue

The tips and theories never went ahead

Instead could see a row of enemies

Sent by the mighty ones

But was never tired while in the chair

Stood for righteousness all through

Always with a smiling face

Supported by kith and kin

At times all alone

Were Tsunami and thunder

Thrown from the seat to top

Top to back and then out

Just rescued by the Justitia

Said bye to get some cooling days

Now doing only just minima to go-ahead

Waiting to regain and resurge

To work for a better world

Of course with a contented mood

That millions worth of assets saved

With powerful lines in files

  • ***********

photo courtesy: Maria Antony Katticaran AIA



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