Biodiversity, Ecosystem services and human wellbeing

GOD THE ALMIGHTY shower, mercy on us and mercy to the whole world.

ALMIGHTY, protect us, protect the whole world, protect our planet which is thy awesome creation, protect the flora and fauna which sustain this planet and mankind.

ALMIGHTY, support all our efforts to sustain this planet by implementing righteousness, in the role allotted to each and every one of us, hand-in-hand to maintain the well being and prosperity of ours self and our future generations.

Time and again prophets, messiahs and signals are sent to alert us to be wise and responsible and to adopt corrective measures being the custodian of this planet and for our own wellness and prosperity.

ALMIGHTY we beg your sanctification to the whole world, people from all walks of life and the supporting ecosystems, as all are created by GOD and all have an indispensable role to sustain this planet and mankind.

ALMIGHTY shall correct our unwise attitude of selfishness and greed. THY shall wipe out all our anger, sufferings, anxieties, fears and depressive memories and help us to attain RIGHTFUL PERSONALITIES bestowed with joy, peace, hope and prosperity.

ALMIGHTY shall enable us, hand-in-hand, to lift this planet and mankind towards a sustainable world of today and tomorrow. ‘GOD’s WILL’ shall be implemented with tranquillity wherein all resources are expended optimally and by sharing and caring.



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Centre for Environmental Efficiency

Centre for Environmental Efficiency


Public trust dedicated to bring the environment and development hand in hand through environmental efficiency and carrying capacity theories. By Dr May Mathew